Week Two- Project Fab 30

What a week it has been! We were building up to our week off and I wanted to start it with a bang. So Friday evening was French night in our house. After sipping champagne we sat down to a lovely meal, and I hit two of my goals; cook something new from a cook book I own and baking once a fortnight.

Neither dish was complex but James Martin’s Tartiflette was a hit with roast duck legs and fresh steamed asparagus. I halved the recipe and, anticipating I might not get Reblochon in Asda, looked up good alternatives and went with Port Salut. It was an indulgent cheesy treat!

My baking was not exactly GBBO level of technique or creativity, however it was a success (which more than we can say for some of the GBBO contestants). I made an Apple and Vanilla tart. Using pre-made puff pastry this was a simple dish, but provided and light, sweet and refreshing dessert after a rather heavy meal. As ever I modified the recipe slightly and added cinnamon to give it that wintry taste.

At the weekend my new experience/ place to visit was to watch our local rugby team play. This was a lot of fun and it reminded me how much I love to watch live sport. We stood in the cold, wrapped up in our winter jackets drinking a pint out of a plastic cup. It had all the feel of an autumnal Saturday. Our local team lost the match but we will be back to cheer them on again at their next home match.

Back to the kitchen now… I had another cook up this week, and this one might be even better. For less than £25 I have made meals for 11 nights. As we tend not to plan our weekend meals this means we have food for almost 3 weeks of working days (Mon- Thurs). I made a beef stew, a pork chilli and a spicy tuna and vegetable pasta sauce. Each dish is so versatile so different sides can be added to  make it feel like a different meal. I stocked the cupboards previously so we are not short on pasta, rice, potato, sweet potato or vegetables. But when you have prepared the main part of your meal so cheaply, picking up the fresh ingredients to go with it does not seem such an unnecessary expense.

This way of keeping organised is helping with my other goal, to lose weight. I was pleased to see the number on the scales getting smaller and this is down to more controlled portions and not having excess food in the house to tempt me into snacking.

So here is to another great week. I am off work so have lots planned to keep it fun and interesting.


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