Project Fab- A busy few weeks!

It has been a busy few weeks full of fun and jam packed with work but Project Fab 30 is still going well.

New experiences and places pop up every week. I have been to watch a car rally, explored lots of new parts of the forest and found some truly stunning places with the dog.

I ended up accidentally trying a new exercise class, when I turned up at the wrong time for my make up Pilates class. Instead I found myself whizzing round the floor like a dancer on Strictly Come Dancing at ‘Fitsteps’. It was so much I have decided to keep going.

In the kitchen the fortnightly cook ups are still happening. I cannot tell you how much easier it makes our week-day evenings. It also means I enjoy cooking those more indulgent meals at the weekend as it feels less of a chore. The money we are saving is unbelievable which is an added bonus.

I have not quite stuck to cooking meals from my cook books but have tried out some new recipes. Halloween weekend we made posh pizzas. I am lucky enough to have a bread maker so whipped up some fresh dough and made; one smoked salmon, artichoke and blue cheese pizza and one pulled beef brisket. They were well received.

I have exceeded my baking target making both a triple chocolate and cherry tiffin and a classic pineapple upside down cake (complete with decorative glace cherries), apple tart and most recently a cinnamon and nutella cake which is a big hit! With the festive season coming up I intend to keep baking and see what treats I can make for family and friends.

I have been in touch with a charity organisation and waiting for them to get back to me with a view to joining and supporting their work. It will probably be in the new year now but it is something I am looking forward to.

The weight loss target is not going so well… it might be all the cooking and baking at weekends that is conflicting with that one. So with it being the most indulgent time of the year, I have decided to focus on this in 2017. Which gives me time to plan a bit more.

However I did manage to achieve one of my new years’ goals (resolutions didn’t really define it so well) for 2016 a couple of weeks ago and secured myself a new job, a promotion in fact. After everything that prompted Project Fab 30, this was the boost and achievement I needed.

On that note it is time to start thinking about the next set of goals for Project Fab 30 and 2017…





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