Phase Two

hello-janSo here is 2017, the big 3-0 is a mere 9 months and 2 days away. I was lucky enough to have a nice long Christmas break and feel refreshed. It gave me time to reflect on the first three months of Project Fab 30 and plan the next three.

So how did the first three months go? The blog posts were less frequent than I had anticipated but between all the fun I was having and a heavy work schedule it was hard to fit them in.

However it went rather well. I started Pilates and continue to go weekly. I am better at it than I thought I ever would be and can feel myself getting much stronger. Did it help me lose 1 stone? Well, almost but not quite. I fear the Christmas indulgence might have had an adverse effect too.

The cook-up-and-freeze meal planning has been a great success and I will be continuing with that up until the summer months arrive. It has been such a time saver and a money saver too! It is also nice to know, after a long day at work, there is a healthy and tasty meal already half prepared.

I am continuing to cook new dishes, albeit not every week and my passion for baking is growing. Christmas brought new recipe books and some fabulous new baking equipment.

I have been to lots of lovely and interesting new places. I am not talking world travel of course but exploring the area we now live a bit more, new places to shop and eat. This year I hope to branch out a bit further.

I am still working on the volunteering but think I have found a few feasible options. I want to focus my efforts on the local community for now, but there is another charity close to my heart but not too far from home I am looking to contact.

All in all the first three months have had the desired effect, making time for the things I enjoy and spending time in our new home.

So its time to think about what I want to achieve in the next three months and how it can contribute towards my goals for 2017. Here they are;

  1. 5k by Valentine’s Day
  2. Write first short story
  3. Lose first stone
  4. Start new dance exercise class
  5. Food prep for breakfast and lunch (like dinner)
  6. At least one blog post a week
  7. Keep baking!



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