The Old Station Tintern- Afternoon Tea

My husband is a big fan of afternoon tea. So when I found a place that does afternoon tea in an old railway station, I knew it would be a winning birthday present.

Tintern is a beautiful village which sits on the border of England and Wales on the banks of the river Wye. It is famously known for it’s Abbey and the impressive ruins that still stand hauntingly next to the river. We pass through Tintern on our commute to work, and always comment on the fact we need to come down and explore. Having booked afternoon tea in advance, we decided to spend the afternoon there looking round.

We parked at the north end of the village and wandered down along the river towards the abbey. It was a beautiful crisp day and we found that Tintern was not daft and had expertly located a pub, with a lovely garden, facing the Abbey across the road. The Anchor Inn is a a surprisingly big pub with a fabulous food and drink selection. I tend to judge a pub on the wine it serves and this was a winner! Who would have thought in late October we would be sat outside having a cheeky Sunday afternoon tipple, warmed by the sun with such a stunning view? 

Then it was on to the Old Station for the main event. This is a simple, small cafe, in an old railway station waiting room. It has been preserved well, the only modifications being the modern amenities needed to run a cafe. The staff were so friendly. They ask you to book afternoon tea in advance so there is no wait and no unexpected preparation for them on the day. Which works well in the customer’s favour too. The cafe is small with plenty of outdoor seating but on a cold day, you would not want to be lingering over your afternoon feast outside. A table was reserved for us and we were immediately offered drinks while the finishing touches were added to our cake stands.

I was trying to work out what it is about afternoon tea that us Brits love and I came to the conclusion it is your own personal buffet where you don’t have to limit what you have because there is a queue of people behind you, you can have everything on the buffet and more!


We were overwhelmed with the generosity of the portions. Two separate cake stands arrived, one each! There was enough food on one stand for two people, but we were not complaining. The scones, jam and clotted cream were brought out on another plate. The sandwiches were so fresh and the variety was excellent; beef and horseradish, egg mayo, smoked salmon and cream cheese and brie and cranberry. Four different cakes were offered (8 bite size pieces per stand), these too were outstanding. Lesley, the lovely lady who looked after us, kindly offered to wrap up the scones for us to take home, noticing we had stopped eating and were both looking a bit full! The tea and hot water kept coming and we were so well looked after we did not want to leave! Alas with full bellies we headed home for a nap in front of the fire.

It is definitely one to visit for value for money and incredible quality and lovely views of the river.

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