Homemade Christmas Garland

I am super excited to be decorating our house for the festive season at the weekend. Our kitchen has a window that was crying out to be adorned with a garland. Mostly because there are some hooks perfectly placed from where a seemingly dated net curtain used to hang. But also because against the cream walls, it is a blank canvas crying out for some colour.

So it turns out garlands are rather expensive, so after a little research I visited my trusty supplier of all things wonderful (Amazon- obviously) and bought all the component parts for a LOT cheaper. The beauty being I will get the exact look I want without compromise.

It was super simple to make and lots of fun. Check out the before and after pictures! garland-1

The sad looking artificial tree branch was transformed into a traditional festive delight. The warm red and copper tones fit perfectly with our kitchen and the dried oranges and cinnamon sticks are starting to leave a lovely aroma has they start to warm up above the radiator. I would highly recommend saving some money and investing a couple of hours time to make something perfect for your own home.

garland-2Here it is in a bit more detail. There is no real skill involved. I did however use Chefaid twist and tie (the wire like stuff you use to tie sandwich bags) to attach the baubles and oranges as it was a little more sturdy than the fine string they come with.

It has really got me in the mood for Christmas. Next stop some festive baking and creating my wrapping theme for this year…oh yes there is always a theme!

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