Hello 2017


hello-2017I am not a fan of the word resolutions. It suggests something needs to be resolved, as if all that has gone before in the previous year needs correcting. I prefer to think of goals. I have four categories for my goals; a specific achievement something that will challenge me and make in a more rounded and better version of myself in body and mind. Refrain from something/ give something up, test my strength of character. Start something new and kick-start something I have avoided/ stopped doing that I love.

I also start a little later than 1st January. Inevitably I am still in holiday mode since it’s a bank holiday. This year I am starting on 5th January, exactly 9 months until my 30th birthday.

So my goals for 2017 are;

  • Lose 3 stone for 30 (by 5th October)
  • Not eat sweets, biscuits or crisps (the classic office snacks)
  • Learn about gardening¬†and make my garden beautiful
  • Start writing short stories

I achieved a lot last year and have a lot to be proud of, but some goals, passions and issues were ignored and left behind. This year is about picking those up and starting again. Project Fab 30 will be designed to achieve these goals and bring more focus on fun and hobbies.

Wish me luck





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