Slow cooked beef brisket but not as you know it!

This weekend we had a family trip to Filey. We love to sit down to a nice meal and some nice wine, as it is not often all eight of us get so much time together. It is the perfect excuse for me to spend some time cooking different meals.

We always plan meals before we go away, then have a supermarket food delivery once we have arrived at our beach retreat. Inevitably, we forget a few things, or don’t order enough of something. This would usually mean reverting to the same old same old, especially when it came to making the Sunday roast. We had ordered a mighty piece of beef brisket, and I had brought my slow cooker along. Normally I would pour bottle of red wine over it, maybe add some onion and seasoning and let it do it’s thing. But the evening before I had made a lamb ragu to serve with pasta. That had been a heavy red wine and tomato based sauce and I thought it would be a it boring to have similar flavours again. So I found myself having to improvise with other ingredients I had in. Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention.

The beef went in the slow cooker with a bottle of white wine, chopped celery, two chicken stock cubes and some rosemary, low and slow for 8 hours just as brisket should be cooked. The end result was incredible. I was blown away by the sweetness of the meat, and how this combination had somehow made the beef a less dense texture. It still made a comforting Sunday dinner but the taste was a real revelation.

It got me thinking about how if I had stuck to my fail safe options using a recipe, I might never have tasted this dish. So from now on I think a little more experimentation is needed.




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