Up-cycling adventure!

Ladies and gents, as a linguist I find new words, modified words, and language evolution in general fascinating. I don’t always agree with new terms or phrases but I appreciate the way in which the human mind, and social culture create innovative ways to communicate, and spread them like wildfire.

One term I rather enjoy, for it’s meaning and as an activity is Up-cycling. The concept of not simply recycling but improving the item you have found a use for.

Around 10 months ago we moved from Aberdeen to North East Somerset. From a tiny, first floor flat in the city centre to a converted barn in the middle of a field. It has been a refreshing change of pace and lifestyle for us, that included for the first time, our own outdoor space and generally a more spacious home.

Fairly soon up- cycling became our thing, albeit in a modest way. We were both a little put off by the seemingly extortionate prices of what are fairly simple items of furniture. We started to explore furniture reclamation shops around Bristol. The Reclaimers of Gloucester Road was a particular treasure trove, check out their page here. Aside from the hours of fun discovering some fascinating items, such as these retro ovens, we actually found some useful items that we could make into what we really wanted, within our own capabilities!

oven 1oven 2

Our latest venture was a wine rack. We have been searching for months for a nice wine rack. Not being fans of the more modern conceptual models, and the classic versions still attached to a hefty price tag, we were on the verge of giving up. We were actually on the hunt for an old sideboard, but came across a sad looking wine rack at the Bristol Wood Recycling Project. It was in need of some TLC, but at a fiver, if it we didn’t get a good result, it was worth the risk. Check out the before and after pics below!

take 3 take 2take threeHow fab is that? Now, I cannot take credit for any more than contributing to the vision, the hard work was all the hubby. It was a case of a clean, sand down and a good spray paint. It holds 48 bottles of the good stuff, so the next challenge is to fill it…which I sure my husband will agree is more my area of expertise!